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Gin was once known as "mothers ruin" and the "scourge of society" however these days gin is undergoing a bit of a ginaissance. Alston Bar & Beef has over 100 gins on the bar including a dozen or so that are produced here in Scotland, including Rock Rose, Edinburgh Gin and Makar Glasgow Gin, to name a few.

From William of Orange, to Churchill to Snoop Dogg, gin has a very colourful history. For almost 400 years gin has survived numerous wars, US prohibition, soggy lemon slices and substandard tonic so if you love gin, drop into our bar since we can’t wait share our passion with you.

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Want to learn more about Gin and Cocktails?

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We’ll explain the origins of the many nicknames our favourite tipple has picked up over the years; from “Dutch Courage” and the less attractive “Mother’s Ruin” to the legend of the Old Tom Cat. It’s not just about the history, we’ll talk you through the distillation processes, the common and not so common botanicals used in both classic and modern gins and the reason we think a garnish is so important.

Our Gin Masterclass is relaxed but informative for six to twelve people and lasts around one hour. It includes a gin cocktail of your choice and gives you the opportunity to taste six unique gins. Prices start at £30 per person, but for only £20 extra we can provide a 3 course meal for your party, to complete your experience with us at Alston Bar and Beef.

If you’d like to book one of our masterclasses or have any queries about what’s on offer, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call on 0141 221 7627

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